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NP Waiver for Medication Assisted Therapy

Posted over 3 years ago by Shanna Chapman

SAMHSA has announced its waiver process for CNPs who have completed the 24 hours of required education for medication assisted treatment of substance abuse under the C.A.R.A. legislation.  Please see below.  The locator for physicians able to prescribe medication assisted treatment is located at:   I expect a similar process for CNPs holding a waiver.  The new DEA indicator must be on all the scripts and pharmacists will check that they are authorized in the SAMHSA/DEA system.


DATA 2000 Waiver NOI

NPs and PAs who have completed the 24 hours of required training may seek to obtain a DATA 2000-waiver for up to 30 patients may apply by completing a hardcopy of the Notification of Intent (NOI) (DOC | 64 KB) and sending to sends e-mail), along with copies of their training certificate(s).

Starting February 27, 2017 SAMHSA will only accept electronic submissions of the NOI. These waiver applications are forwarded to the DEA, which will assign the NP or PA a special identification number. DEA regulations require this number to be included on all buprenorphine prescriptions for opioid dependency treatment, along with the NP’s or PA’s regular DEA registration number.

SAMHSA shall review waiver applications within 45 days of receipt. If approved, NPs and PAs will receive a letter via email that confirms their waiver and includes their prescribing identification number.

Last Updated: 02/21/2017


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