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Board of Nursing Video

Posted 10 months ago by Shanna Chapman

Hello everyone!

Take a look at our video that was filmed for the Board of Nursing. Thank you to Julie Long for filming this! She did an exceptional job.

Dr Shanna Chapman, CEO


Kathleen Haycraft 10 months ago

This is great. Julie Long is a great representation for the group. I think it would be good to see if she could do more short vignettes. I think this would be a good link for legislators as well and for NP students. Thanks Julie

Vashti Ivey 10 months ago

Awesome video. Well-spoken, poised and professional. I agree with Kathy that it would be a great link for legislators, students and anyone else who is interested in what we do, whether they are in nursing or not. Thank you, Julie, for doing this.

Barbara Phillips 10 months ago

Excellent! Thank you Julie for doing this. Is this video available to be shared? #MakeMONPFriendly

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