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An End of Year Note from our Vice President/Advocacy Chair

Posted over 1 year ago by Aleisha Breen

Dear Members,

AMNP Board Members wish to express our appreciation for all members. As 2017 comes to a close we have high hopes of moving Missouri APRN practice forward. On December 1 new bills can be pre-filed for the 2018 legislative season. We have multiple bills ready as we plan our legislative agenda for 2018. We have a full practice bill which eliminates collaborative practice which we will file but do not expect to get a hearing in committee. We always have hope that it could be heard so we always will proceed just in case. Our Transition to Practice bill is our current best bet for moving forward. Representative Hannah Kelly has agreed to sponsor it. This bill has language to change our document of recognition to a license for APRNs. All current APRNs will be switched electronically to a license by the Board of Nursing. This bill will provide a transition to practice by having a “residency” so to speak of two years upon graduation where a new grad would be mentored by either an APRN or a physician of their choice within a collaborative practice. After two years they would be allowed to be licensed as an APRN without a collaborative agreement. The third bill that will be introduced would be a bill where AMNP would submit candidates to the Missouri State Board of Nursing to fill a designated APRN board seat. Currently there are APRNs serving on the board because of appointments made but it is not mandated. We want to change one of the two LPN slots into a position for APRNs to ensure always having a seat on the board. We plan to have numerous barrier reduction bills. The philosophy is the more bills and sponsors we have the larger our support base appears and the more distractions for those in opposition to improving APRN practice. The board has been working tirelessly to get all language correct to be the best circumstances for us possible. A special thanks to Lila Pennington our president who is a master at legislative language for her work on this year’s bills. So as we start a new year we have much to look forward to with hopes that Missouri could become a green state.

We are planning two AMNP Capital dates in Jefferson City to make our presence known. Our first Jefferson City Lobby Day is February 7th and then again on April 18th we have the Rotunda reserved so SAVE THE DATES! Be aware there is power in numbers and we need to organize as many Missouri APRNs as possible because the AMA made a resolution to oppose APRN independent practice nationwide so please rally your colleagues and friends to join us in our efforts to make Missouri APRN friendly. Let’s make this our year!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year!
JoAnn Franklin, DNP, FAANP
Vice President and Advocacy Chair


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