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NPs will Save Primary Care

Posted about 1 year ago by JoAnn Franklin

Please follow the link to read this article writen by Leah Hellerstein, LCSW, promoting NP practice.


Marti Cowherd 8 months ago

Well said Joann and I listened to the podcast as well. Glad to see more are recognizing the need for NP's in primary care. However, I am starting to see less NP students interested in primary care. I am hearing the learning curve is too high and care of very complex patients. The future holds interesting things.

JoAnn Franklin 8 months ago

Marti found the woman who wrote this as a public health student and social worker truly has given thoughts to this issue. You are an shining example of an NP both as have owned your own clinic c and as preceptoring! Thanks for all you do.

Kathleen Haycraft 8 months ago

Great message

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