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AMNP March Newsletter, Nominations, and Testimony

Posted about 1 year ago by Aleisha Breen

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Hello, everyone. Please see our March Newsletter which is above in the attachments (on website). We are excited to have Jason Portell, our Communications Chair, put this newsletter together. He has a lot of skills to help make this newsletter great!

Reminder. Tomorrow, March 7th at 12:00PM, in hearing room 2 the House Professional Registration & Licensing Committee will hear testimony on HB 1502, filed by Rep. Hannah Kelly. This bill is the transition to practice bill for APRN’s and is a VERY high priority for AMNP. Please go to the Action Needed announcement for more information.

Also, Nominations are officially open! We encourage anyone who wants to be more involved to please sign-up. You can nominate yourself or someone you think would be good for the board. We need your ideas to make this organization great. Please go to the Call of Nominations page and sign up!


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