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House Committee PASSES Substitute for HB 1502!

Posted about 1 year ago by Derek Leffert

Yesterday, the House Professional Registration & Licensing Committee voted to pass a House Committee Substitute for HB 1502, filed by Rep. Hannah Kelly. HB 1502 was originally drafted as a Transition to Practice bill that permitted APRN’s to do everything but prescribe schedule 2 drugs without a collaborative practice agreement if they had practiced for 2 years or more and met other criteria as defined in the bill. Due to substantial opposition, Rep. Kelly amended HB 1502 to establish a license for APRN’s as the full scope of the bill.

As a result of Rep. Kelly’s hard work and persistence, and the efforts of AMNP and our colleagues at MONA, the committee passed the measure 9-3! The amended bill will be referred to the Rules Committee on Administrative Oversight before being placed on the calendar for full debate by the Missouri House.

Thanks to those of you who took time to call, visit, or email your elected officials. We ask that you take a few more minutes of your time to write the following members of the committee who voted yes to thank them for supporting Missouri’s NP’s. Additionally, please send a thank you note to the bill sponsor, Rep. Hannah Kelly for her continued work to improve the climate for NP’s throughout Missouri.

Rep. Hannah Kelly



  • Rep. Jim Neely
  • Rep. Bill White
  • Rep. Chris Dinkins


  • Rep. Diane Franklin


Christopher Gardner about 1 year ago

So if it was amended, what is in the bill now that was passed?

Derek Leffert about 1 year ago

The amended version creates a license for Missouri APRN’s. The other provisions were stripped from the bill in order to get the bill out of committee.

Christopher Gardner about 1 year ago

Wow... who cares about it now? Missouri is the worst state to practice in. I just read the original version, and even if it passed, it would still require a collaborative practice agreement if prescribing controlled substances. Most of us have to do that, so really it doesn't help anything. More smoke and mirrors from the medical lobby.

Judy Lewallen about 1 year ago

Don’t we have a license now??? What has changed.

Margaret Benz about 1 year ago

We have Documents of Recognition. We practice under our RN license with Delegation from our collaborating physician for advanced skills. There currently is no Advanced Practrice Scope of Practice in Missouri Statute . With this bill we will have a Scope of Practice for APRNs and will be able to be issued an Advanced Practice License by the Board of Nursing.

Rhonda Martin about 1 year ago

I'm confused - I'm pretty sure I have an APRN license for the state of Missouri. One of my licenses lists RN under type and the other lists Certified Nurse Practitioner.

Christopher Gardner about 1 year ago

So basically, we've spent our time and money to get a word changed from "document of recognition" to "license". What did that do for us? Maybe increase the fees we have to pay the government to continue practicing. Meanwhile, I'll continue to pay a collaborating physician so I can continue to help people in Missouri have access to care that they wouldn't have if I was closed. I should go back to Iowa...

Melissa Wallace about 1 year ago

This is so frustrating. I agree with the above that nothing really changed. I would rather it didn’t pass then back down and roll over.

Sandy Summers about 1 year ago

This is defiantly a step in the right direction!! Instead of a document of recognition where we practice "under" our RN license with delegation from a collaborating physician, we will be on "top" with a Scope of Practice for APRN's with a Practice License by the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

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