Association of Missouri Nurse Practitioners

AMNP Legislative Update, Nominations about to Close

Posted about 1 year ago by Aleisha Breen

Hello, members. Please check out the latest legislative update from our lobbyist group. You can find it on the website, click on Legislative Updates 2018 on left. 

Nominations for the next AMNP board are about to close!

Nominations are open for Vice President, Secretary/Webmaster, Treasurer, Membership, Advocacy, Professional Development, and all district representative positions. 

See position descriptions below. Then click on Call for Nominations link at left to nominate yourself and someone you think would be good for the role. 

Thank you! 

Article VII.  Duties of Officers

Section 2: Vice President:

  1. Assist President - Work with President on setting agendas for board meetings. Work with chairperson on problems that arise.
  2. Assume duties of President at board meetings if she/he is unable to attend.
  3. Works with district representative to plan and coordinate regional workshops. Works with district reps to assure that regional meetings and workshops are planned and executed quarterly or biannually (their meetings are not to interfere with Advocacy Day or the fall conference).

Section 3: Secretary/Webmaster

  1. Will be chair of a communication outreach committee – the purpose of this committee will be to advise and assist the Secretary/Webmaster on Website content; they will also advise and assist with maintaining the AMNP’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The President, Vice-President, Membership Chair and volunteers as needed will serve on this committee as needed.  Obtains information from committee members for the organizational newsletter, puts this together, distributes to members.
  2. Maintains minutes of all Board and/or general membership business meetings and distributes these to the board members for verification and finalization.
  3. The Secretary shall maintain correspondence, meeting minutes, and bylaws. The secretary shall maintain hard copies of these and any other legal document pertinent to his/her duties.  Copies of all these AMNP files will also be kept in an on-line repository with other organizational documents which is accessible by the Board.
  4. Keeps an updated list of members with corresponding legislative representatives during the legislative season for grassroots efforts.
  5. Reviews and approves new members and reviews and posts to the job board.
  6. Troubleshoots page content
  7. Aids in design, maintenance, collection and coordination of new website content which includes manipulation of images, in a timely manner
  8. Works in conjunction with the outside webmaster/host site.
  9. Responsible for correspondence and announcements from the organization to members through the various web based platforms.

Section 4: Treasurer

  1. Chair Finance Committee - the finance committee will include the President, Vice-President and 2 other members of the board.  The Treasurer, President, and Vice President are the only ones with access to the organization’s bank accounts.    The Treasurer shall receive dues and other funds of AMNP, deposit such funds in a bank designated by the AMNP Board of Directors and disburse funds for approved expenses
  2. Keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements
  3. Deliver financial updates to board meetings in advance by consent agenda at least quarterly.
  4. Submit account ledger to be audited by ad hoc committee appointed by Board members one month before leaving office.
  5. Coordinates meetings with organization’s accountant for quarterly reconciliation of expenditures, maintaining accurate ledgers, and annual filing of organization’s taxes in a timely matter.
  6. Approval of expenses shall be determined by a quorum of the AMNP Board of Directors excluding the Treasurer.

Section 5: Membership Chairperson

  1. Will preside over the Membership Committee.
  2. Will plan methods to recruit and retain members, with the assistance of the Membership Committee.
  3. Prepare, coordinate process of counting votes, via manual or electronic, for Missouri Association of Nurse Practitioner’s elections.
  4. Work with the Webmaster to promote the organization through routine internal and external communication via newsletter, social media, and other media.

Section 6: Advocacy Chairperson

  1. Provide quarterly reports to members on state or local issues impacting state or federal nurse practitioner scope of practice
  2. Plan Advocacy Day in the capital annually and set agenda for meeting legislators
  3. During legislative session conduct meetings with committee to review legislation dealing with healthcare issues and vote or AMNP stance of each bill
  4. Educate the local public, groups, media and legislators regarding restrictions to full scope of practice authority for Missouri nurse practitioners
  5. Promote alliances with healthcare and non-healthcare groups to establish collaborative strategies in improving access to nurse practitioner care for Missouri
  6. Meet with elected officials to educate them on the current nurse practitioner scope of practice restrictions and impact on healthcare cost, access and outcomes
  7. Encourage member involvement on health policy issues impacting advance practice nurses.

Section 7: Professional Development / Philanthropy Chairperson

  1. Plans and coordinates the annual conference.
  2. Works with committee to write educational grants for education.
  3. Surveys members regionally to assess needs in the area for topics of interest annually
  4. Works with a committee to select speakers, topics, and venue to provide an educational opportunity for nurses in advanced practice in Missouri.
  5. Serves as an AANP statewide provider of CEUs in accordance with AANP and approves and stores nurse practitioner contact hours.
  • Will assist the Vice President and Regional Representatives in getting CEU credits for workshops and meetings

  • Manages vendor representatives in order to maintain a bias-free educational event.
  • Provides regular updates to the AMNP board.
  • Will have access to the conference bank account, a corresponding credit or debit card and comply with the established budget for the event which is approved by the board.
  • Promote scholarships to student Nurse Practitioners.
  • Communicate with funders for scholarships.
  • Award scholarships at annual conference.
  • Hold nominations and elections for member of year and scholarship awards.

Section 8: Regional Representatives:

  1. Regional Representatives shall act as the contact for communications and other grassroots activities with members in their region.
  2. There will be seven Regional Representatives, one for each of the following designated regions (Northwest, Northeast, Kansas City, Central, St. Louis, Southwest, and Southeast).
  3. They shall attend 80% of AMNP Board of Directors meeting during their tenure.
  4. They will live or work in their designated areas.
  5. They will hold bi-annual (or quarterly) member meetings in their designated region.
  6. They will work with the Vice President and Professional Development Chair to plan and promote meetings and workshops in their region.
  7. No Regional Representative shall hold the same office for more than two (2) elected consecutive terms.
  8. They will work with the Membership Chair to find ways to engage and grow membership in their respective region

Section 9: Immediate Past President:

  1. Assist and provide counsel for President in all functions of the organization as needed.
  2. Serve as liaison with other nursing organizations within the State of Missouri.
  3. Assist the Vice President as needed with his or her duties.
  4. In the event of vacancy of President within first year of his or her elected term, serve as acting President until the beginning of the second term year.
  5. Assist and promote the furtherance of the organization in helping in other identified areas of operation as needed.