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Legislative ReCap for 2018 Session

Posted about 2 years ago by Aleisha Breen

Hello. Please visit our website to get the recap for the 2018 legislative session. It can be found under Legislative Updates on left. 

We want to thank Derek Leffert and the 109 Group for all they are doing to help us improve APRN status in Missouri.

Registration for the annual AMNP Conference and pre-conference is open. We're excited to be going to Kansas City this year. Plan to attend August 3rd & 4th. 

Topics include renal pharmacology, population health, political action, dermatology. migraine management, psychiatry, and osteoporosis treatment. Find out more information and register here.

The preconference workshops include EKG interpretation, aesthetic, billing and coding, and radiology. You can register here

We have posted information for a Southwest Meet & Greet in June (click here), as well as a spine surgery conference being offered by SLU this fall (click here). 

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 


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