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Child Psych ECHO

Posted 6 months ago by Aleisha Breen

Please see the information below about a new pilot program being offered by Missouri Telehealth Network on child psych care. This is a great resource to those working with children in rural areas. 


We are so excited to be able to offer an incentive program for our Child Psych ECHO this year! Our goal is for 20 providers from rural areas all over the state to join the incentive program. If you would please pass on this information to your membership, we would greatly appreciate it. 

To sign-up please contact Rachel Mutrux of the Missouri TeleHealth Network at with name, organization, address, phone, credential, specialty.


We want YOU to participate in the Child Psych ECHO program! 
Incentive program Pilot: 
20 rural pediatricians, family practice providers, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants (who primarily care for children) are eligible to participate in an 8 month Child Psych ECHO, October, 2018 – May, 2019. 
They agree to: 
• Take pre and post self-efficacy surveys 
• Attend >50% of the remaining ECHO sessions for the term (8 or more sessions) 
• Present at least one de-identified case in an ECHO session 
Approved participants will receive $100 per session (up to $1500) attended by June 30, 2019 if they have completed the pre and post self-efficacy survey, participated in > 50% of the ECHO sessions, and presented at least one case in a Child Psych ECHO session.

Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Specialist support for Primary Care 
Get knowledge from experts in a virtual learning network with University of Missouri Health Care and Compass Health providers. Learn about best practices and evidence-based care for children with behavioral health concerns, including: 
• American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) practice parameters. 
• Pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies.

How does ECHO work? 
Join an online video conference twice per month for eight months. 
Discuss and share: 
- Clinical case presentations and discussion 
- A brief educational presentation by an expert in child and adolescent behavioral health 
- See website for current ECHO schedules and CME information

Please sign-up for the Child Psych ECHO 
Sign up for this incentive by and provide your name, org, address, phone, credential, specialty

Incentive program pilot is for Child Psych ECHO only, not other ECHO projects. Incentive will be paid at the conclusion of the ECHO series, 6/2019.