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HB 301 PERFECTED in the House!

Posted 10 days ago by Derek Leffert

In a huge step forward for Missouri’s NP’s, the House of Representatives debated and passed HB 301 this morning. The bill, shepherded by rock star Representative Nick Schroer, was amended slightly and will be amended again further in the process. The bill  requires one more vote before being sent to the Senate, which is expected Thursday. 

This bill is a product of engagement by our members and other interest groups as well as hard work by Rep. Schroer and others behind the scenes. 

We encourage you to send Rep. Schroer an email thanking him for his work on this and other APRN issues. 

We’ll keep our foot on the gas until the finish line. Please stay tuned for updates to this and other important bills. 


Shanna Chapman 7 days ago


JoAnn Franklin 7 days ago

Thanks Derek!!

Kara Dougherty 7 days ago

Appreciate the coordinated efforts of all! Press on!

Great news! Thank you Rep. Schroer!

Mike Holtz 7 days ago


Marti Cowherd 7 days ago

Thanks to Derek and NP’s working together in the state.

Margaret Benz 7 days ago

Great news! way to go step at a time

Patricia Bauer 7 days ago

Thank you for all of your hard work!

Kathy Ayers 7 days ago

Great job!!

Nanette Coleman 7 days ago


Kip Davis 7 days ago

Great work to all who have been at the forefront. The road over the years have been rocky at times, but those of you in the trenches are to be commended!

Laura Kuensting 7 days ago

Thanks to everyone's efforts. This will be a HUGE help in our continued pursuits!

Shaundra Riley 5 days ago

Yahoo! Thank you Rep. Schroer and all the fantastic Nurse Practitioners! Onward!

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