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Posted 4 months ago by Derek Leffert

Today, Governor Parson announced the suspension of two additional rules related to APRN's in collaborative practice agreements. The first waiver suspends the rule that a physician review 10% of the charts every 14 days. The second waiver suspends the requirement for APRN's to practice with the collaborating physician present for 30 days prior practicing without the physician present.
In addition to these waivers, AMNP has asked for additional suspensions including the requirement for APRN's to have a collaborative practice agreement and the removal of the requirement for telehealth to be limited to rural areas of need only. We will continue to push for removals to the barriers to care and appreciate the governor's willingness to suspend these unnecessary restrictions.
The full text of the waivers is as follows:
Section 334.104.3(9), RSMo, and 20 CSR 2200-4.200(4)(E) shall be waived until after the declared emergency is over the requirement that the collaborating physician or any other physician designated in the collaborative practice arrangement review the advanced practice registered nurse’s delivery of health care services through a review of a minimum of ten percent of the charts every fourteen (14) days. This waiver does not include the review of the percentage of cases where the advanced practice registered nurse prescribed controlled substances.
Section 334.104.9, RSMo, and 20 CSR 2200-4.200(2)(C) shall be waived for the requirement that the advanced practice registered nurse practice with the collaborating physician continuously present for at least a one-month period of time before practicing in a setting where the collaborating physician is not continuously present.
If you have any questions about this or anything else related to COVID 19, please contact us at the office at 573.533.5062 or by email at
Thanks for all you continue to do on the frontline. We are so incredibly grateful to you for your selflessness.


Christine Corbett 1 day ago

This is such amazing news! Thank you all for your continued efforts!

David Jackel about 21 hours ago

Great news!

Crissy Hall 4 minutes ago   Remove

Wonderful! We are moving in the right direction!

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